What is P2EBoard?

It's a single platform that simplifies building and managing guilds. It comes with all the tools every guild needs to succeed. Our core team consists of experienced Guild Leaders, Avid Gamers, Investors and Enthusiasts in the P2E space. It is a platform made by gamers for gamers

Our Vision

We want to build a P2E Gaming Utopia.
We want to facilitate the growth of purpose driven communities that play and build wealth together.
We want to eliminate the barriers of entry in P2E making it accessible to everyone creating limitless possibilities.

Scholar Marketplace

Gain access to our revolutionary Scholar Marketplace

  • Easily Recruit Skilled and Experienced Scholars to your guild
  • Detailed Scholar Profiles complete with contact information, proof of identity, social media profiles and gaming experience
  • Post your hiring needs in our Marketplace with 20,000+ gamers
  • Schedule interviews easily with the scholar of your choice
  • 24hr Support

Agency Model

Hassle Free scholar recruitment with our fully managed service

  • P2E Board will take care of the sourcing, screening, training and onboarding of your new scholars
  • P2E Board will match you with a scholar fit for your needs and requirements
  • Our Elite Scholar pool consists of Experienced and Trained Gamers with good understanding of the P2E landscape
  • Unlimited Replacements if the scholar is not performing
  • 24hr Customer Service Support

Real Time Performance Reporting

Access to Player Performance and Game Statistics

Fast and Convenient Payout Reporting

Generate Payout Reports based on your player's earnings

The Future

Get access to everything you need in the P2E Metaverse

  • Access to Investors and Sponsors
  • Universal Trackers / Results Aggregation
  • Guild to Guild Networking and Interaction
  • Unlimited Replacements if the scholar is not performing
  • Gamification / Ratings / Reviews / Achievements

Ready to launch your own guild?

Join the metaverse!

Build with us. Our goal is to equip guilds with the tools and resources they need to manage their operations so that they can focus on the important things - growing and rewarding their community.